DDP Player

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DDP Player

Terra Nova Mastering is including a DDP player with all DDP masters now. Clients can listen directly to their masters, make wav files, burn discs and check metadata like CD-Text and ISRC.

How to listen to your master:

  1. download your DDP Master .zip file
  2. unpack your .zip (by double-clicking or opening with an application like WinZip)
  3. inside your master folder, you'll find a folder labeled player
  4. depending on your operating system click on the appropriate player icon to open your player


  • It's easy to use and doesn't require any software installation
  • Support for PC (WinXP and newer) and Mac (OSX 10.6 and newer)
  • Playback of DDP Masters
  • Burn DDP Masters to CD for reference
  • Export tracks as .wav audio files
  • Support of ISRC in .wav files
  • Display of Metadata
    • CD-Text
    • UPC/EAN
    • ISRC
  • Peak & EBU Loudness Meter
  • Validation of MD5 Checksums
  • Export a track listing as .txt


Keyboard Shortcuts

Space Toggles Play/Stop
Left Arrow Rewind
Right Arrow Fast Forward
1..9 Jump to track start 1..9