Independant artists have difficulty getting into the Mastered For iTunes program, but if you wanted to try to deal directly with apple to get in here are the requirements directly from Apple. Even if you meet the requirements they may still referr you. On top of that, they also have payment thresholds and you may never get paid if you don't meet the threshold for your first payment. And now the requirements.

Technical Requirements:

DDP Player

Terra Nova Mastering is including a DDP player with all DDP masters now. Clients can listen directly to their masters, make wav files, burn discs and check metadata like CD-Text and ISRC.

How to listen to your master:

  1. download your DDP Master .zip file
  2. unpack your .zip (by double-clicking or opening with an application like WinZip)
  3. inside your master folder, you'll find a folder labeled player
  4. depending on your operating system click on the appropriate player icon to open your player


Capitalization Examples

This is a common issue that many of my clients don't think about until they're in the mastering studio getting asked about it. Did you mean to not capitalize this word? Well, here are some guidelines.


ALL ATX is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit benefiting HAAM, Sims Foundation, Black Fret and Austin Music Foundation and for their fourth annual benefit concert/live CD they themed it "Austin Rocks The Blues." Jerry and I tag-teamed the mastering on this and it's one of the coolest projects I got to do in 2016.

No Artwork

Recently, I had a client that ran into some problems with the cover art for their project. It seems iTunes has some rather stringent (in my opinion) requirements for the cover art. Part of me understands that there needs to be some requirements or checks in place and I agree with Apple that people should not be 'misleading' in the representation of their music. But, I felt this particular case may have been a bit ridiculous. For those of you that want to know, here are the specs that I've found.

These things are required and will prevent you from releasing your music on iTunes:

People’s fascination with Jimi Hendrix is as alive today as it ever was before. That’s the mark of a true legend – an influential artist whose revolutionary music transcended time, culture, and genres.
From something as poignant as his rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner to the infectious riffs of Purple Haze Hendrix turned a basic Fender Stratocaster into a cosmic shovel that laid the groundwork for future artists, according to CNET.

Sound Exchange and The Recording Academy have partnered in advocating for legislation and educating the community about performance rights.


Introduced March 19, 2015 the Allocation for Music Producers Act or AMP Act (H.R. 1457) says this:


This week, the authors of The Indie Band Survuval GuideRandy Chertkow and Jason Feehan, spoke at the Grammy Pro Business Summit in Austin. They gave an information-dense presentation of basically everything a band trying to make money needs to know.


OwnCloud is a file sharing platform like DropBox or similar services.  They have paid enterprise solutions and free open source offerings.  Go to to learn more about the open source choices.  They let you install the system on your own server giving you complete and total control over the files.  This is especially good if security is a concern or privacy is needed.  I was exploring this solution for a file sharing solution that I didn't have to upload out of the building to send large files to clients.


Martin Theophilus profiled Terra Nova mastering for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. Jerry and I were happy to talk about analog recorders.

Published on Apr 27, 2015