In addition to my regular work as a mastering engineer, I teach the acoustics class at Austin Community College in the Audio Technology and Industry department. I have an introduction to audio-frequency acoustics class and also teach one-on-one, student-led lessons they call Applied Commercial Music. If you're a student at ACC and are interested in applying for an applied audio slot, see the form lower on the page.

The new ACC Highland campus completed construction during the pandemic years. The Austin Chronicle wrote a nice article about the facility. Tucked away in the "lower level of what used to be Austin's shittiest shopping mall" is "one of the most state-of-the-art recording studios".

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy in applied audio engineering centers around empowering students to develop a deep understanding of both the technical fundamentals and the creative artistry of sound. I believe that education should serve as a bridge between knowledge and practice, enabling students to succeed as audio engineers while embracing the ethereal artistic concepts that make their work unique.

Inspired by the mentors who guided me, I am committed to giving back to the next generation of audio engineers. My primary purpose in education is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field. I do this by providing a supportive environment for learning, offering valuable feedback, and addressing misunderstandings and knowledge gaps as they arise.

In my teaching, I emphasize the importance of technical expertise while recognizing that the rules of audio engineering are meant to be understood before they can be intelligently bent or broken. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment, making conscious decisions in service of the music.

Diversity and inclusivity are essential to me, and I strive to create an environment that welcomes all students, with a particular emphasis on supporting female and minority students who may have faced additional challenges in this field. Collaboration and community-building are fostered through class critiques and opportunities for peer interaction.

Assessment is centered around progress rather than a strict measure of quality. I hope to see growth from the beginning to the end of the semester, in alignment with each student's individual goals. My ultimate goal is to empower students to leave my class as more confident and competent audio engineers, equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in this dynamic field.

Applied Audio Application

Thank you for your interest in Applied Audio lessons with Nick Landis at Austin Community College.

For Fall semesters, applications will be due on or before August 1st

There are no summer openings.

For Spring semesters, applications will be due on or before November 15th

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