5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Sending Your Mix to Mastering

By Brad Johnson on Sunday Sep, 11th 2022
It's finally time to take your music to the next level and get it mastered. But before you do, there are a few critical mixing mistakes you need to make sure you didn't make. These mistakes can easily be made by both beginner and experienced engineers and can severely impact your final record if left unchecked. Make sure you read this before you hit send!

Vinyl Cutting Levels

By Nick Landis on Tuesday Jan, 11th 2022

There are lots of things to consider when planning to release your music on vinyl. Among these things to consider is where the split between the A-side and B-side is. In order to figure that out, you'll need to know some basic information about your album like the length of the songs and how many of them there are. In addition to that, you will need to consider other things like what size record you'll be pressing and how much audio can fit on that size record.

GRAMMY® Nomination for Ruthie Foster

By Nick Landis on Wednesday Nov, 25th 2020

I'm very excited to announce my first GRAMMY® Nominated Album mastered here at Nick Landis Mastering. You'll find FYC information and complete credits to everyone involved in the project below.

Conjunto Puro

By Nick Landis on Monday May, 11th 2020

Santiago Jiménez, Jr. is seen as a standard bearer of deep conjunto tradition and his latest album, "El Chief", is no exception. This record is a collection of his father's original songs and Conjunto standards produced by Adam Ahrens at Magnolia Recording Studio, released by Bull Calf Records, and mastered by Nick Landis. This recording is sparse and traditional featuring voice accompanied by accordion and bajo sexto all acoustically recorded.

New Pulitzer Prize Category

By Nick Landis on Tuesday Dec, 10th 2019

Starting in the new 2020 year prize cycle, the Pulitzer Prize Board will award a new Pulitzer Prize for excellence in Audio Journalism. The new prize will be awarded for "for a distinguished example of audio journalism that serves the public interest, characterized by revelatory reporting and illuminating storytelling." Journalists in the United States will be eligible to enter if their publication regularly publishes stories in audio format.

Apple Digital Masters

By Nick Landis on Thursday Aug, 8th 2019

Starting August 7th, 2019 all previously branded 'Mastered For iTunes' content is changing to 'Apple Digital Masters'. The change will be featured both in the iTunes store and Apple Music streaming service.

Nick Landis Mastering was on the Mastered for iTunes official 'MFiT Providers List' and will continue to be on the Apple Digital Masters Provider List. For my clients to get into this program, they need to request Apple Digital Masters as one of their delivery formats and we will provide everything Apple needs to get your content branded with the special badge.

Nick Landis Mastering DDP Player

By Nick Landis on Sunday Jul, 21st 2019

Nick Landis Mastering DDP Player is included with all DDP masters from Nick Landis Mastering. Clients can listen directly to their masters, export various files, burn discs (if your computer has a burner), and check metadata like CD-Text and ISRC. All of this is possible just from clicking on the appropriate player icon; no software needs installed, the player can run directly from the file.