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5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Sending Your Mix to Mastering

By Brad Johnson on Sunday Sep, 11th 2022

It's finally time to take your music to the next level and get it mastered. But before you do, there are a few critical mixing mistakes you need to make sure you didn't make. These mistakes can easily be made by both beginner and experienced engineers and can severely impact your final record if left unchecked. Make sure you read this before you hit send!

Crash Course on Music Publishing – Part 4

By Carlos Alvarez on Monday Jan, 23rd 2012

In part I of this article I left out one exclusive right under Copyright law. . . on purpose of course.  It is Digital Audio Transmission.

Basically referring to the new online & Satellite transmission of recordings, specifically, STREAMING (streaming audio, subscription-based entities).  Examples: Pandora Radio, Sirius/XM, Spotify, etc. . .

Crash Course on Music Publishing – Part 3

By Carlos Alvarez on Monday Dec, 5th 2011

Before I continue, I wanted to mention briefly that I was just recently asked by a reader of this article of when should a writer expect to be paid his/her royalties.  The music publishing industry works on a quarterly basis when it comes to getting paid.  So for all royalties generated by the use of the song, the music publishers will receive royalty payments every quarter.

Crash Course on Music Publishing - Part 1

By Carlos Alvarez on Monday Jul, 18th 2011

In my years as a music publisher I’ve had the honor of working with hit-songwriters to beginning songwriters, singer-songwriters and musician-songwriters.  Many of them have shared with me their journey and stories of dealing with music publishers, recording artists, record label executives, and their statements of mis-information and even worse. . . stories of unpaid royalties.

QR Code

By Matt Eskey on Tuesday Jun, 21st 2011

We just pressed our first CDs that feature a QR code on the packaging. When the artist, songwriter Tonya Tyner, handed in her artwork, I didn't even know what the black and white square on the back of the digipak was. Now it seems like I am seeing them everywhere. When she told me that it was readable by smart phones and that you could have it link to a variety of functions, I thought it sounded like a great idea.

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Real Mastering Studio

By Jerry Tubb on Sunday Mar, 7th 2010
  1. Experienced Engineers - with many years of expertise, mastering records on a daily basis, bringing a broad range of technical skill and musical knowledge to their work. Audio Quality is their top priority. Thousands of real mastering credits of artists whose names you may actually recognize!
  2. Specialized Mastering Rooms - large acoustically tuned rooms for accurate optimal listening conditions. Creature comfortable furniture and free WiFi.