DDP Masters

By Nick Landis on Monday Aug, 8th 2011

In the past few months, we've had several requests for masters to be sent over the internet to the manufacturing plant.  DDP is the perfect format for this.  Many plants will give you FTP information to send the DDP master to their facility or a login to a webpage that you can upload the file.  I like this trend and recommend this for clients that have chosen replicators that accept DDP masters.

Glass Master

By Nick Landis on Monday Mar, 29th 2010

A glass master is made at the replication plant in a specialized clean room, not at the mastering studio.  A glass disc, 240mm in diameter and 6mm thick,  is used as a substrate to 'etch' the image of the digital data as pits and lands that will ultimately be the ones and zeroes that the CD player will read as audio information.  Some audiophiles insist on real-time (1x) creation of a glass master for highest audio quality.


By Nick Landis on Tuesday Mar, 16th 2010

A master is a data storage device that transports the final recorded product to the replication plant.  The two most common formats today are Red Book PQ-Masters and DDP Masters.

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Real Mastering Studio

By Jerry Tubb on Sunday Mar, 7th 2010
  1. Experienced Engineers - with many years of expertise, mastering records on a daily basis, bringing a broad range of technical skill and musical knowledge to their work. Audio Quality is their top priority. Thousands of real mastering credits of artists whose names you may actually recognize!
  2. Specialized Mastering Rooms - large acoustically tuned rooms for accurate optimal listening conditions. Creature comfortable furniture and free WiFi.