Nick Landis Mastering DDP Player

By Nick Landis on Sunday Jul, 21st 2019

Nick Landis Mastering DDP Player is included with all DDP masters from Nick Landis Mastering. Clients can listen directly to their masters, export various files, burn discs (if your computer has a burner), and check metadata like CD-Text and ISRC. All of this is possible just from clicking on the appropriate player icon; no software needs installed, the player can run directly from the file.

DDP Masters

By Nick Landis on Monday Aug, 8th 2011

In the past few months, we've had several requests for masters to be sent over the internet to the manufacturing plant.  DDP is the perfect format for this.  Many plants will give you FTP information to send the DDP master to their facility or a login to a webpage that you can upload the file.  I like this trend and recommend this for clients that have chosen replicators that accept DDP masters.


By Nick Landis on Tuesday Mar, 16th 2010

A master is a data storage device that transports the final recorded product to the replication plant.  The two most common formats today are Red Book PQ-Masters and DDP Masters.