Track Sequence

Information about the services you need during the session and the deliverables you need after the session.

Services Description

What do you need to be done during your session?


Like it says, mastering...

Mix Check

Before a mastering session, a complimentary Pass/Fail check to be sure you're ready for mastering.

Mix Consultation

Before a mastering session, a more detailed critique of mixes and itemized list of issues by eMail. Additional charges may apply.


Do you need changes to the audio made?


Converting one format to another. Straight, direct transfer with no restoration or editing.

Archival & Restoration

In addition to transfer, changes like de-noising or de-crackling and preparation for long-term preservation or storage.

Analog Tape Layback

Before mastering, print mixes to analog tape. There's nothing like the real thing! Several options are available. Additional charges apply.

Release Formats

Release Formats Descriptions

Depending on how you plan to release your project this will determine what masters you will need and, in some cases, how the mastering is done.

Streaming, Digital Distribution, & CD

These release formats all come in DDP filesets with a player application. The player exports various formats and can burn CD's if your computer has a disc burner. This gets you everything you need for standard release on streaming platforms through an aggregator, digital distribution through a variety of outlets, and/or masters for manufacture of compact disc.

The DDP image with an included DDP player application that runs on Mac or PC both is included. From this player, several formats can be exported including WAV files, MP3 files, and burn CD's.


Old-school analog physical product. Additional charges apply.

Apple Digital Masters

Special masters for the special iTunes store. Nick Landis Mastering is an approved mastering studio with Apple and can certify masters for this special program. Additional charges apply.


MP3 files sold/given directly to fans from something like a website or other non-aggregated source. MP3 files are exportable from the DDP master included with most mastering projects, but if you need ready-to-release files with all the metadata included click this option. Additional charges apply.


AM or FM radio broadcast.


Not planning on distribution or sale and just need a hard copy that will stand the test of time.

Track Information
Input the titles of each track title as you'd like them to appear on the master. If you have multiple songs/tracks on the album, put them in the order you'd like them to appear on the final master. Spelling and capitilization is important, and some distribution outlets have rules and standards for track titles.
(You can add multiple blanks at once and rearrange them after entering text if needed.)
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This information is not encoded on your final masters and is only for my information and can help solve issues if they arrise.
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