Mixing with buss compression

By Nick Landis on Monday May, 30th 2011
When preparing your mixes for a mastering session, we typically get the question, "Should I take the L2 and compressor off the mix bus?"  My first thoughts run through my head like asking why or what are you doing. . . but I refrain myself. I go on to explain that mastering engineers basically have 2 tools at their disposal: compression and eq.  If the mixes are already compressed within an inch of their life, it ties one of the mastering engineer's hands behind their back.

Loudness Wars

By Nick Landis on Monday Apr, 11th 2011
SINCE THE 1990's AND THE ADVENT OF BROAD DISTRIBUTION OF DIGITAL AUDIO, POPULAR MUSIC HAS STEADILY BEEN CREEPING LOUDER AND LOUDER.  DIGITAL AUDIO MUST BE COMPRESSED AFTER PEAK AMPLITUDE IS REACHED (AT 0DBFS) TO BECOME LOUDER.  HAVE YOU EVER RECEIVED AN EMAIL OR TEXT MESSAGE THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS?  It's just a bit obnoxious, isn't it? Why does it happen?  To the average listener, louder sounds better.  Even if the source material is identical, and you play one just a little louder, th