2014 Cribworks Digital Audio

When Merel approached me asking for suggestions about his new studio, I jumped at the chance to work with him. He was selling his "in-town" home studio and moving to the country. Away from the bustle and booming growth in Austin at the time, it was a great opportunity for him to expand the size and capability of his recording facility. After seeing the constructed space I was consulting on in person, we did some tests and I calculated what would be needed to get the desired results. Merel and his carpenters built the treatments I specified and I came out to do some more tests and listen. Merel and I were both very satisfied with the results, and I can say it is a really great sounding facility.

2011 Shed Studio

Building a backyard shed is a great place to keep a studio separate from your living space. Complications include electricity and air conditioning making this project interesting.

2014 RpT's Library

This home studio is a multi-media recording facility. This flexible space is used as tracking and control room for music projects and is the performance space for video production.

Living room studio

2015 ADS Recording (Austin)

This home studio had some issues with bass resonances. The measurements made during an on-site consultation confirmed some simple changes that made improvement rather inexpensively.