I make my living mastering records. I call it my 'day job' but its neither a job and frequently happens not during the day... Want to know more about what I do, click around here and check it out.


I freelance as an audio engineer among other things. I just kind of group this into 'other services' and it spans from your regular tracking and mixing sessions to education and consulting.


In addition to all my audio and music related work, I do website stuff. Some of it is just basic site building stuff and it can get more complicated like front-end design and back-end development.

Recent Blog Posts

Vinyl Cutting Levels

By Nick Landis on Tuesday Jan, 11th 2022

There are lots of things to consider when planning to release your music on vinyl. Among these things to consider is where the split between the A-side and B-side is. In order to figure that out, you'll need to know some basic information about your album like the length of the songs and how many of them there are. In addition to that, you will need to consider other things like what size record you'll be pressing and how much audio can fit on that size record.

GRAMMY® Nomination for Ruthie Foster

By Nick Landis on Wednesday Nov, 25th 2020

I'm very excited to announce my first GRAMMY® Nominated Album mastered here at Nick Landis Mastering. You'll find FYC information and complete credits to everyone involved in the project below.

Apple Digital Masters

By Nick Landis on Thursday Aug, 8th 2019

Starting August 7th, 2019 all previously branded 'Mastered For iTunes' content is changing to 'Apple Digital Masters'. The change will be featured both in the iTunes store and Apple Music streaming service.

Nick Landis Mastering was on the Mastered for iTunes official 'MFiT Providers List' and will continue to be on the Apple Digital Masters Provider List. For my clients to get into this program, they need to request Apple Digital Masters as one of their delivery formats and we will provide everything Apple needs to get your content branded with the special badge.

Archival and Restoration

By Nick Landis on Wednesday Jun, 13th 2018

As formats change and the media they're recorded on ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to transfer the information off of those formats into new, more modern formats. That's basically what archival and restoration is: transferring recordings from one format to another. Usually, the transfer is from an older format on more fragile media to something newer and easier to work with.