Album Credits I

By Nick Landis on Monday Jun, 28th 2010

I'm starting a several week installment talking about album credits.  Artwork on an album cover provides much more than just a pretty package to catch the eye of a browsing music fan.  It provides a place to tell a little more about your work, lyrics and production of the project. If I'm listening to a project and like the way the guitarist is playing or maybe the groove the bass player and drummer have, I would open the CD case and look for that information.  I expect that kind of information to be on every CD I open, but I am surprised at how often I can't find information I'm looking for on album artwork.  Mostly, I think, because artwork is sometimes an afterthought at the end of the production process, and your brain is fried by then anyways. . . Here at Terra Nova, we do not advertise.  Our credit on your album, and of course word-of-mouth, are our only way people know that your album was mastered here.  We give everyone an entire sheet of paper with our credits exactly as they should appear on the artwork.  That makes it easy for our credit, but others in your production cycle might not have made it quite so easy.  The purpose of these next few blog posts are to help you remember all the things I would expect to be on the credits inside the artwork.  It is important to us; it should be important to you.