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Give Fans the Credit

By Nick Landis on Thursday Aug, 23rd 2012

The Recording Academy has started a new campaign to enhance fans' discovery of new music by ensuring all music creators are credited for their work on digitally released recordings.  This means you can look at who the producer or mix engineer on a particular recording on your iPod (or other player) right from its screen.


By Nick Landis on Monday Aug, 9th 2010

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), more widely know as the Recording Academy, is an organization of creative and technical music creators dedicated to 'improving the quality of life and cultural condition for music and its makers.'  Also, they award the prestigious Grammy award to deserving artists every year near the end of January.  The membership votes on who wins the award each year, so the award is peer awarded.  This last year, almost half of the

Album Credits III

By Nick Landis on Monday Jul, 26th 2010

There are several resources online that list album credits.  They populate their databases right off of the album artwork that is submitted.  Generally, they do not accept changes or anything that is not physically printed on the artwork of the album.  The two main places I've found online are and  Established in 1991, the All Music

Album Credits II

By Nick Landis on Monday Jul, 12th 2010

This is the second installment of a series about Album Credits.  As this is just to help brainstorming, I will just make a list that recommended album credits to include on the artwork.  Hopefully this will help you remember to try to include everyone that worked on your product.

Front Cover

  • Album Title
  • Artist

Back Cover

Album Credits I

By Nick Landis on Monday Jun, 28th 2010

I'm starting a several week installment talking about album credits.  Artwork on an album cover provides much more than just a pretty package to catch the eye of a browsing music fan.  It provides a place to tell a little more about your work, lyrics and production of the project.