Apple Digital Masters

By Nick Landis on Thursday Aug, 8th 2019

Starting August 7th, 2019 all previously branded 'Mastered For iTunes' content is changing to 'Apple Digital Masters'. The change will be featured both in the iTunes store and Apple Music streaming service.

Nick Landis Mastering was on the Mastered for iTunes official 'MFiT Providers List' and will continue to be on the Apple Digital Masters Provider List. For my clients to get into this program, they need to request Apple Digital Masters as one of their delivery formats and we will provide everything Apple needs to get your content branded with the special badge.

These high-resolution masters will help deliver to your fans more closely what your mixes sounded like in the recording studio. In other words, more like what the artist intended. Also, Apple keeps these high-resolution masters to help future-proof their database if higher quality files become the standard for delivery. If you want to read more, you can checkout previous blog posts on this topic, like Mastered For iTunes Requirements or Tags: MFiT