Introducing Nick Landis Mastering

By Nick Landis on Saturday Jul, 20th 2019

I’m excited to announce the start of a new chapter in my career — Nick Landis Mastering!

As most of you have already received an announcement from Terra Nova Mastering about moving, those changes also affect me. As Jerry moves into a new private studio in Dripping Springs and Diane transitions to work from home, I am also moving to my own place. All the same gear I’ve been using over the last 15 years in Studio B is coming to outfit my new place. So, same guy, same gear, new location, new name.

Moving forward, I will also be handling my own booking and invoicing and business stuff too. You can contact me directly via eMail, phone, or through my website at the links below. We can also use Skype, FaceTime, etc. for more ‘interactive’ conversations about your projects.

I’m grateful for all the great music, musicians, and engineers that I’ve worked with and I’m looking forward to all the future holds for me in this new adventure. Stay tuned to social media for more information.

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