Nick Landis, LLC

By Nick Landis on Monday Apr, 1st 2019

I finally did it! I started an LLC for all the work I do. Nothing long to post here about it, just marking the milestone.

2000th Album Mastered

By Nick Landis on Tuesday May, 13th 2014

Today, I mastered my 2000th project!  I can't hardly believe it.  I started working at Terra Nova in 2005.  From then to today has been about 9 years, or 3229 days, or about 461 weeks.  Over the last nine years, i've averaged about 4 albums a week.  I would like to thank my family, my mentors and all my clients that let me work on thier music.  I plan on having some kind of party or get-together for a celebration, details will be sent out later.

Celebrating 6 Years of Mastering

By Nick Landis on Monday Jul, 11th 2011

Today is my 6th Anniversary of being hired full-time at Terra Nova Mastering. As chance would have it, it’s also the birthday of a convenience store with a particularly famous (free on this day) frozen refreshment. I stopped in on my way home from work and treated myself to the drink. It always reminds me of middle school bike rides home from school. . .