YouTube Sync Licensing

By Nick Landis on Friday Aug, 10th 2012

"So, how can I make money with my music that ends up on YouTube?" a client asked me last week.  I promptly told him I had no idea, but it probably had to do with getting tens of thousands of hits and then advertisers deciding they wanted to put ads on your chanel. . .  I thought for a little whlie longer and decided it would be a great blog post because I'm sure there are many independant musicians that would love to know.

Carlos Alvarez touched on this topic in his post from September 2011, Crash Course on Music Publishing - Part 2.  A sync license is how you get paid when your music is put in a video or movie or tv show.

CD Baby, a digital agregator and distributor for indie artists, has partnered with Rumblefish, a music licensing service, to get the indie artist's music into videos, TV, video games and film.  If you are using CD Baby as your agregator, it doesn't cost any extra to opt in to this program.  It seems so easy!  Why not do it?  I'm sure there are several other services that provide similar services, but that will have to be on another post.