Letters of Direction

By Nick Landis on Saturday Dec, 19th 2015

Sound Exchange and The Recording Academy have partnered in advocating for legislation and educating the community about performance rights.


Introduced March 19, 2015 the Allocation for Music Producers Act or AMP Act (H.R. 1457) says this:

Amends federal copyright law to require a collective designated by the Copyright Royalty Judges to implement a policy providing for the acceptance of instructions (referred to as a "letter of direction") from a person who owns the exclusive right to publicly perform a sound recording by means of a digital audio transmission, or from a recording artist of a such a sound recording, to distribute a portion of royalty payments to a producer, mixer, or sound engineer who was part of the creative process behind the sound recording.

This law formalizes the process and uses the Sound Exchange "Letter of Direction" used by artists and copyright holders to direct royalties to others involved in the creative process of creating a recording, like producers. You can read more about Sound Exchange here or go straight to register online or just get the Letter of Direction Package.