Band Camp

By Nick Landis on Monday Dec, 13th 2010
In this world of low-quality codecs and single song sales with a customer base that demands product instantly, I wish there was a place music fans still appreciated an album as a whole and understand the value of music. . . What if there was a place that albums out sold single tracks four to one.  What if you let your fans name their own price to download your music, and they typically paid more than what you were asking.  What if you were able to deliver low-quality mp3's and other high-quality codecs like FLAC and Apple Lossless to your fans.  What if you could deliver a physical copy CD to a fan and let them download the album while they wait for the CD to be delivered for no extra charge.  What if the average time from sign-up to having tracks ready for download was five minutes.  What if it were free! Checkout  No sign-up cost, no subscription fee and depending on sales 10%-15% 'revenue share' paid to the website.