By Nick Landis on Tuesday Aug, 14th 2018

The International Standard Musical Work Code, or ISWC, is a unique identifier for musical works. Like the ISRC is for recordings and the ISNI is for people, the ISWC helps identify and disambiguate musical works. Along with being a unique identifier, the ISWC is also permanent and an internationally recognized ISO reference number for the identification of musical works.


By Nick Landis on Thursday Jun, 19th 2014

The Music Producers Guild (MPG) in partnership with the European Broadcast Union (EBU) have now standardized a metadata field for the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) in wav files!  This issue has been a long time overdue, but now finally gained enough traction to make it into a standard.  The ISRC can now be embedded in wav files inside the core metadata.  This means it will follow the file where ever it goes.